Modern Vintage Window Treatments

Modern Vintage Window Treatments

What Window Treatments Are Right For You

Window treatments are an important feature in any home: they dictate how much light enters the room, protect a home’s privacy, and help save energy. Decorating for a modern vintage look is all in the details, and these window treatments can help draw a room design together.

Venetian Blinds

Add some drama to a room with Venetian blinds. Used often in film noir set designs, these window treatments cast elegant, intriguing shadows and are adjustable, allowing as much or as little light as one chooses.

Wooden 2″ Venetian blinds are classic, and the versatility of wood tones will suit virtually any color scheme. Try white blinds for a fresh beach cottage look, or a dark red or brown for a rich, warm feel. Faux wood or wood alternative blinds offer protection against warping or bowing. These go great on any kind of vinyl window. To check if they are right for your home, and your style, .

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains blend into a room, rather than making a big statement like a set of Venetian blinds window treatments. Sheer curtains do not block as much sunlight, and may not offer as much privacy as other types of window treatments. However, sheer curtains in white provide a room with a fresh, clean look that will suit lighter, brighter color schemes.

General interior design wisdom states that the longer the draperies, the more elegant and formal the effect will be. For sheer curtain panels, floor-length is a safe choice. When hemming a pair of sheer curtains, be aware that these lightweight materials require a heavier hem so that the panel can hang properly.


Draperies are a similar shape to sheer curtains, but the material has more weight, blocks out more sunlight, and comes in a variety of fabrics and colors. Check out for more options. They are the best when it comes to everything windows related (including installations and replacement).

Depending on the draperies’ color and how it fits with the rest of the room, these window treatments can make a prominent statement or can blend with a room’s decor. In a green room, for example, beige or tan window treatments will lighten the space without making a dramatic statement. Chocolate brown, dark red, or dark purple draperies will provide a greater contrast for the same room.

As modern vintage design can sometimes cross the line between eclectic and cluttered, use draperies as a way to anchor the space: if the room’s accessory accent color is bright red, try window treatments in a dark red tone.

Modern vintage design is all in the details, so small changes can have a big effect on a modern vintage space. If a pair of window treatments usually hang without any tie-backs, try tying them back with tassels or even vintage costume jewelry.

Window treatments are an easy way to put the finishing touch on a room. Their versatility make these window treatments ideas particularly suited for eclectic, modern vintage rooms.