5 Ways to Get a Luxury Design Look on a Budget

5 Ways to Get a Luxury Design Look on a Budget

Achieving a high-end design for your home can be a challenge, in particular on a tight budget. Fortunately, we’ve asked expert exterior designs to share a few tips to help give homeowners insight on how to make their home elegant without spending a fortune. Go dramatic or use soft tones to help you add simple elegance.

Here, you will discover five ways to get a luxury design look on a budget.

1. Choose the Right Paint


Without color, a home can look plain and unfinished. Although this is the hardest decision when decorating a home, certain colors can help you achieve glamor and class.

2. Window Treatments are a Must


Without window treatments, homes can look cheap, boring and unfinished. Fortunately, window treatments are the most affordable ways to add luxury to your home as well as providing privacy. Make smart decisions by choosing lines draperies or luxurious materials such as linen, cotton or natural silk. If you want a more modern look, woven bamboo shades will make your home look well-designed.

3. Lighting is Key


Most homes come with standard light fixtures. However, updating your light fixtures can help add more luxury to your space beside the light chandelier. Check out the local flea markets and second-hand furniture stores to help you find a unique piece without spending too much. Although most thrift pieces may need a new paint job or a bit of fixing, it can look like a million dollars with a little bit of TLC.

4. Go for Hardwood


Aside from being a long-term investment, hardwood provides a nice texture to home interior designs that offer a classic appearance with an elegant touch. Consider dark colors for a more luxurious feel but be sure to add an area rug to tie the overall design together.

5. Accessorize Your Space


Even with the right lighting and paint job, homes often look average due to the lack of accessories to accentuate the space. Create an elegant touch by using stylish décor that is still affordable. Gold is ideal as it can create instant luxury without the need to over-indulge the space. Key accessories include mirrors, tables, and frames to highlight the room.
There are many ways to make your home look luxurious on a budget. With the right paint job and knowing how to shop wisely, you can create high-end interior designs. Use these expert tips as a guide for your next renovation.