5 Creative Design Ideas for Small Spaces

5 Creative Design Ideas for Small Spaces

From adding storage space to creating illusions with mirrors, learn how to make the most of your small space with these five creative design ideas for small spaces.

1. Add Clever Storage Space


From bathrooms to the kitchen area, use open storage shelves that look visually appealing while serving a useful purpose. If you want to separate the dining area from the kitchen, add a wall divider. Place floor-to-ceiling shelves to utilize space and display beautiful items.

2. Make Multiple Usage Area


In small spaces, we’ve often forced to make areas a multipurpose place simply because we have no other choice. Make the best out of this situation by taking more use out of your walls. Add shelves for permanent storage and use pull-out furniture as much as possible.

3. Add a Mirror

Solar Decathlon 2007

Mirrors create an illusion of larger space, even in a small area. The mirror should be frameless and preferably covering the wall from floor to ceiling.

4. Use Matching Fabrics


Use the same fabric theme for the entire room. This means the curtains, upholstery, and even lampshades. This will create a “wow” factor by making the room feel cohesive despite its size.

5. Add Color


Using medium or dark colors such as chocolate brown, dark gray or moss can help saturate the area. Use it one door, ceilings and frames to keep within the color theme. This will remove all boundaries and leave you with a space that is aesthetically larger than it is.

Use these creative design ideas to help upgrade your small space and make it more functional for your day-to-day living. Tell us how you get the most out of your small space!